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Our dental practice, located in West Los Angeles, is dedicated to creating beautiful, long-lasting smiles and maintaining the oral health of our patients. We deliver the highest quality general, restorative and cosmetic dental care in an atmosphere of warmth, kindness and respect. We also offer services in general dentistryteeth whitening, tooth extractions, dental implants, veneers, crowns & bridges and more! 

Our caring staff welcomes children, adults and seniors. Our goal is not just to correct any dental pathology, but to help you prevent oral health care problems in the future.

Whether your dental needs include a complete exam and cleaning, a full-mouth restoration, or anything in between, we promise to provide you with exceptional care every step of the way. We utilize the latest technologies to help enhance the smiles and oral health of our patients.

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  • Sally Yousefi, DDS .

    At Elegant Smile Dental she specializes in cosmetic dentistry including smile rejuvenation, porcelain veneers and crowns, dental implants and Invisalign, Dr. Sally Yousefi also performs laser gum treatments and preventative and general dentistry. She is an advocate of minimally invasive natural-looking dentistry.



What Our Clients Say About Us

  • "This is the best dental office! I had a chipped tooth and my smile was not presentable whatsoever so I came here and they did fillings and did an amazing job. I am so happy with the way my smile looks now and I would definitely recommend this dental office to anybody I know with dental needs! The dentists are very knowledgeable, honest, and the price is very reasonable too!"
    — Jeremy S.
  • "Very professional and gentle. The staff is very accommodating."
    — Jerry R.
  • "I've been scared of the dentist my whole life. I hate needles, and I don't respond to pain well. As I've gotten older, I decided to take care of my health. Elegant Smile is right near my house, so I decided to give it a try. I will say this with no exaggeration, they are the REAL DEAL! no pain, very patient, very clean, and the work they did was SPECTACULAR. I've been there 6 times since, and I will probably see them as long as their doing dentistry. I vote ELEGANT SMILE."
    — Christopher A.
  • "I was referred by a friend and was expecting a lot of pain, I hate dentists but I was assured I would be ok, so I finally did my overdue check up and I did not have any cavities. I was so excited I got my teeth whitened too, will definitely go back!"
    — Angelina L.
  • "Professionals, dedicated, kindness and respectful: those are my adjectives to Elegant Smile Dental team. My son and I finally found our family dentist!"
    — Lola L.
  • "I wanted to get a tooth extraction for a bad tooth and was really scared about having it done, but Elegant Smile made the whole thing a lot easier and stress-free! They took it very slowly and allowed me enough time to adapt to everything that they were doing. A great team! If you are looking for a dentist office near Los Angeles, give them a call!"
    — Myko M.
  • "I visit the Elegant Smile Dental Clinic on a regular basis every six months or so. I have frequent issues with my gums because my teeth are very sensitive, so I need to make sure that my dentist is one of the best available and that they know how to take care of my teeth. This clinic is very patient with everyone and they have many years of experience to prove their worth. I truly appreciate all the staff members that take such great care of me when I come and I wish them all the best in their careers."
    — Dinesh C.
  • "Very good service."
    — Wilmar F.
  • "I was so worried about visiting a dentist, and I always have been. It takes a lot of encouragement to get me to go to one even if I am in a lot of pain, like I was this time. However, although I was super scared, the wonderful staff at Elegant Smile Dental made me feel so much better and really did their best to calm me down and to explain everything for me. The dental implates that I received are fantastic, and I am no longer in any pain!"
    — Zakir H-A.
  • "Elegant Smile Dental is great! The staff was very friendly and helpful with any of my questions and concerns. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone. I was more than satisfied with my visit."
    — Shaun R.
  • "Had a wonderful time at the Elegant Smile Dental clinic! I booked an appointment for cosmetic dentistry, because I wanted to see if getting veneers done was a good idea. Super friendly and professional staff and doctors! They did a very detailed check-up on my teeth and gave me awesome advice on which veneers would be the best ones for me and at an affordable price! Everything was done in less than a month which was a lot faster than I had initially expected, and my teeth look great!"
    — Kristoffer T.
  • "Super easy and very cheap clinic! Elegant Smile gave me a great price for my ceramic veneers and they did an amazing job while making them. It was nearly completely painless and it only took a few visits to their clinic before everything was over and done with. My smile is now beautiful and bright, and I make sure to always follow their advice on how to clean and properly take care of my teeth. Would highly recommend!"
    — Mubeen I.
  • "I needed a tooth extraction, so I made an appointment with Elegant Smile to get it done since they had so many great reviews online. They were able to make an appointment for me very quickly and the entire process was almost completely painless. I will now be visiting them on a regular basis to make sure that my teeth are well taken care of. They really are a wonderful team and their clinic looks very bright and modern with a very comfortable waiting area."
    — Kavia N.
  • "I had a wonderful time at Elegant Smile Dental. I was suffering from a severe toothache, so I visited this place. I like how the staff has taken details from me about my problem. Surely recommend to others."
    — Lee S.
  • "Being a first-time patient, I like the office, cleanliness, and they have maintained state-of-art culture. Gone for a root canal and it went well. Feeling relaxed now!"
    — Emily M.
  • "It was a good experience with Elegant Smile Dental. At first, I was quite afraid to visit a dentist because of their tools. My friend suggested me & accompanied me to visit here. Now I'm feeling relaxed after the tooth extraction."
    — Sonia A.
  • "THANK YOU DR. YOUSEFI! I just visited Dr. Yousefi yesterday for a checkup and cleaning. Their office staff is very professional and helpful. They are patient and take their time to explain everything which was helpful. Dr. Yousefi is detail oriented and was able to put a plan together to get my teeth back in shape. I had a cleaning done and my teeth look great! She is gentle so if you plan on visiting her don't worry at all! BEST DENTIST IN TOWN!!! I'LL BE BACK!"
    — J J.
  • "After a bad dental experience elsewhere, I'd been avoiding the dentist for too long. They provided a comprehensive overview of the procedures, which helped me feel informed and comfortable. They also provided detailed information on billing and worked with me to help understand my options. (UCLA students - they accept your insurance too!)
    The best part was how quick and painless the procedures were! They went out of their way to make sure I was comfortable throughout too. The best part was I qualified for teeth whitening too - so happy with results!"
    — Ryan D.
  • "I had the best dental experience with Dr. Sally Yousefi! I truly dread going to the dentist, but she made my visit quick and painless. I have had a bonding material on half of my left front tooth for over 20 years. They either told me it can't be done or my only feasible option is veneers. Dr. Yousefi on her own suggested an overlay on both of my front teeth to eliminate any difference and make it cosmetically more appealing. She performed the procedure in no time with ease and comfort. Her office is beautiful and her staff are very friendly and professional! I was so impressed by the care I received. I highly recommend!!!"
    — Sarah N.
  • "Recently saw Dr Sally Yousefi and was thrilled with my visit. Front desk staff pays attention to detail and was so friendly. Her dental assistant was gentle and constantly checking in with me to see if I was ok. My cleaning and two fillings were done quickly and with minimal discomfort. Dr. Yousefi explained everything and was super thorough in her exam. Prices are reasonable as well. I would happily refer friends and family to this practice."
    — Sarah K.
  • "Came to the Elegant Smile Dental for a second opinion on major dental work. From the greeting at reception to the X-Rays and wonderful interaction with Dr. Sally, I couldn't have been more impressed. The professionalism exuded by everyone I encountered on my first visit is hands down the best I have had with a dental office.
    If you would like to be treated like a member of the family, this is the dental practice for you. In addition to the amazing team, they use the latest technology to provide exceptional dental care outcomes."
    — Maria L.
  • "Dr. Sally is a great dentist and her staff are so kind and caring."
    — Allen D.
  • "Dr. Sally Yousefi is so attentive to detail and thorough. She took the time to explain to me exactly what needed to be done for my teeth and answered all my questions. I have super sensitive teeth and dreaded going to dentists in the past. But Dr. Yousefi made sure I was very comfortable during the whole process. She took every measure to ensure that I did not feel even the tiniest bit of pain. She used state of the art equipment and she was so fast! I was so impressed. Her office is gorgeous. You feel like you're in a spa! I can't say enough about Dr. Yousefi and my experience. All I can say is she really is as good as it gets!"
    — Ramona M.
  • "I had been using Korean Ginseng extract as a supplement and it dyed my teeth brown. I tried Crest White Strips and special whitening toothpaste with no effect. I went to Elegant Smile and Dr. Yousefi and her staff did a thorough cleaning and then whitening procedure. I couldn’t be happier. Teeth look amazing and my kids and wife immediately noticed and commented. Thank you Dr. Yousefi and Elegant Smile Dental."
    — Mark F.

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